Injection Unit

DREAM D Injection Unit

The injection unit ensures that the right quantity of gas is delivered into the intake manifold at the intake valves. The electronic injectors are opened in the right sequence and at the right time to suit the engine's ignition cycle.


  • Normally closed, low resistance
  • 3Ω low resistance, peak & hold injectors
  • 3 Models: 2-3-4 injectors in one rail
  • Material: Aluminum body
  • All electrical connections IP 54
  • Integrated temperature sensor (depend of the model): NTC 4K7 @25°C, FCI Sicma connector


Technical Specifications

Gas inlet Male connection for rubber hose Ø int 10 mm
Gas outlet Male connection for rubber hose Ø int 6 mm
Max. working pressure 4.5 bar relative (0.45 Mpa)
Minimum opening time 2,8 ms
Gas flow rate
(air through 3.00 mm nozzle)
8.5 mg/cycle at 4 ms and Delta P of 2,00 bar 23 mg/cycle at 10 ms and Delta P of 2,00 bar
Operating temperature -40 °C » 120°C
Weight 546 gr (4 cyl)
Overall dimension
61 x 153 x 55 (with bended wire) (4 Cyl)
Approvals R110-00 and 67R-01