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Established in 1980 at Argelato near Bologna, OMVL is a leading player in the alternative fuel vehicles sector, designing, manufacturing and marketing complete fuelling systems for gas-propelled vehicles and for the conversion of engines from petrol to compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified propane gas (LPG).

In 2010, OMVL joined the Westport group of companies. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Westport is a global company specializing in natural gas engine technology, with engineering, manufacturing and assembly capabilities in several countries, and world-wide sales.

OMVL-brand engineered gas conversion systems, fuel systems, reducers, ECUs, accessories and parts are sold and supported by Juniper in more than 40 countries through OMVL's channels. All products are designed to meet Euro V emissions standards.

Thanks to a wealth of over a quarter-century of accumulated experience, solid investments, and regular feedback from users on products and their applications, OMVL is able to offer its customers the most advanced and competitive solutions available.


The adoption of gas as an alternative fuel for motor vehicles—and other applications too—can certainly be considered the stepping stone to a future characterized by the use of cleaner energy with a lower carbon content, since it is handy and economic, competitive and relatively plentiful, besides having low emissions. 

All this is a matter of conviction for OMVL, and forms the basis of the company's mission statement:

Optimum performance with minimal emissions, a combination giving customers maximum satisfaction and reliability, and a steadily cleaner future.